Talleres Valsi is an Industrial boilermaking. We have two manufacturing plants in the La Mora Industrial Estate, in La Cistérniga, Valladolid (Spain).

We are professionals in mechanical manufacturing for the construction of:

 Receivers and tanks 
 Jobs in laminated carbon steel
 Jobs in stainless steel sheet
 Manifolds and pipes

Manufacturing is controlled at all times with non-destructive welding tests to ensure higher quality.


Pipes and manifolds

One of our specialties is the manufacture of different types of pipes and manifolds, as well as elbows, T, etc. Our machinery allows us to manufacture different diameters, lengths and thicknesses.

To facilitate the installation of pipes and manifolds in the customer plants, we can manufacture the necessary supports for their assembly.

We adapt the interior and exterior finishes according to the requirements of each specification, adapting to the type of fluid that flows through the interior of the pipes and manifolds.


Talleres Valsi manufactures heat exchangers for liquids or gases.

Manufacturing takes place in accordance with the customer drawing, respecting the design, construction materials or applicable regulations.

For the manufacturing of heat exchangers, Talleres Valsi has approved the production processes.


Our engineering office collaborates closely with the customer in each project for the design and development.

You can send us a specification and we will provide you with a quotation asap.